Hollywood Hair And Makeup With Alyssa Regulski

LLL 13 | Hollywood Hair And Makeup

LLL 13 | Hollywood Hair And Makeup


Let’s face it, LA, the City of Angels, is the epicentre and the mecca of the world of all things fashion, beauty, and glamor, and Alyssa Regulski is one of the experts behind the glamorous façade making it all happen. Alyssa is a beauty agent and the Founder and CEO of MCH, a full-service experience company offering strategy, concept, design, and production across all platforms. Alyssa gives us a glimpse behind Hollywood hair and makeup, and talks about the day-to-day of being a hair and makeup manager to Hollywood’s top talent.

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Hollywood Hair And Makeup With Alyssa Regulski

We’re excited to have on La La Landed podcast an entrepreneurial Founder and CEO of her company, MCH, representing top hair and makeup artist to the stars. Alyssa Regulski, how are you?

Hi, ladies. I’m happy to be on the show.

Thanks for coming on in. People are obsessed. Let’s face it. LA, the City of Angels, La La Land is the epicenter and the mecca of the world of all things, fashion, beauty and glamor. You are the big shot behind the glamorous façade making it all happen with that calm composure of a swan looking elegant and beautiful on the surface. You’re underwater with the wet feet paddling ruthlessly underneath trying to make it all come together.

Not me because you would never ever want me doing hair and makeup, that’s for sure. I’m definitely putting together the right artist, talent, deals and all of the logistics that go into that 100%. Especially being in Los Angeles, this town loves their hair and makeup.

How do you go about making that happen?

As far as a typical day?

Putting the right team together for the right celebrity.

It’s all about personalities. This town has so many different elements. A photoshoot or a red carpet moment has many different moving parts. It comes down to putting people together that work together well, that makes friends together and have the same value system. It comes down to just knowing your artist and knowing your clients.

Can you name drop a few names that you’ve worked with in the past so that the readers are aware of the caliber that you’re used to working with?

Emmy’s is fresh off the press. We worked with Julia Louis-Dreyfus who is a nominee, Patricia Arquette for hair and makeup who was also a nominee and won, and Jimmy Kimmel, another nominee. It ranges and varies. Brooklyn Decker, Lisa Marie Presley, and JK Simmons. I’ve been doing this for many years. The list goes on and on. Off the top of my head, those were some of my favorites.

Didn’t you do the SNL cast as well?

Yes. I’m responsible for the guys of SNL. That’s the thing, the list can go on and on. There are many different people that walk the red carpets in this town. There’s always someone or something to be done which is nice.

With that said, the average reader who doesn’t know much about this industry and doesn’t know much about LA and Hollywood and all that goes into it, you are, in layman terms, a hair and makeup or glamor agent. You book these talented artists to work with these celebrities and make them all pretty and fabulous, ready for the red carpet, the TV or whatever it is they’re doing that day. When you’re talking about these male stars, like the cast of SNL and you’re referring to men, how much prepping do these guys need? You got our readers out here living their regular lives, go to work every day, and they’re thinking, “JK Simmons, isn’t the guy bald? How much hairstyling does this guy need?”

I totally hear you on that. Dani, I’m sure you know because you probably have been on a red carpet or two.

I’m not bald, Alyssa. I’ve got a whole big mane here that needs three hours of work and prep.

As you walk onto that red carpet, it’s not as simple as turning up and smiling. The lights are hot. On Emmy day, it was 95 degrees on that carpet. Even your guys are going to go out there and don’t want to be shiny and reflective for the cameras. That’s, with the men, what’s it about. You want your talent portrayed in the best light possible. With women, it’s about the makeup, the hair and taking all of that off their plate when they are promoting something or having a night where it’s about them getting an award, possibly the highest award for acting of their life. They don’t want to think about that. They want to be able to sit in the chair and relax. That’s my perspective. I haven’t walked too many red carpets. In my experience, it’s more about making sure the cameras aren’t picking up something, a dribble of sweat running down your face.

When you get these phone calls for your different hair and makeup artist, do you ever get crazy requests that you think, “What is this?”

Tell us some good stories. What are the craziest requests and the most outrageous things you get asked for?

The crazy request does not come from the talent as much as they come from the artist. Some of my craziest moments involve my artist, to be honest. I’ve had hair stylists turn up without brushes. That’s always an interesting turn of events.

Your hairstylist that has been paid to do somebody’s hair shows up on the job without a hairbrush?

Without any hairbrushes, because it’s not about one brush, it’s about twenty usually. To not have one hairbrush, what do you do? You get on the phone and you call your local messenger service. You see how quickly somebody can pick up brushes whether it be the kit, which was left at the previous booking or was left at home. Whether it’s a lost kit and you need to go replace as quickly as you can at one of the supply stores. This industry is about being resourceful. That’s 100% for sure.

You are almost like the problem solver. You’re there to catch all the emergencies and make sure the whole job goes smooth and no complaints from the talent or the talent’s representation, correct?

I used to say overpaid hand holder, but yeah, I do. It’s about problem-solving whether it be how to go about getting a magazine that’s sold out from newsstands. Oftentimes, those newsstands are in Indonesia because it’s a different market. It’s making sure everything is smooth for the artist and for the clients.

Would you say your life itself is very Hollywood?

I take that questions with a slight bit of negative connotation because Hollywood to me is two-sided. I’ve been doing this for many years. I’ve had relationships with publicists, with managers, with talent and are my closest best friends and know everything about me. At the same time, Hollywood brings an air of being at a party. There are ridiculous amounts of caviar and people dancing on tables.

What parties are these? Why am I not invited, Alyssa?

Dani, I thought I saw you there dancing.

I wish. I’m in kid mode. The only dancing I’m doing is in my bathroom trying to get my kids into bed.

You have to do both. You have to be flexible in this town. I’m into being outdoors, yoga and hiking. At the same time, I need to be ready to put on a cocktail dress, go to Soho House, and have an after-party for a premier.

You’re showing off.

If only. When I was seventeen or eighteen, fresh into USC and my college years, all I wanted to do is be at the parties. That was where I built some of my strongest entertainment relationships, to be honest. It was much about that scene. Now, I’d like to make sure that I have both sides of that coin.

We need to cut to the chase here and be honest about who you are and who I am. For those of you who don’t know, Alyssa is my wifey. Not my work wifey.

I’m the work wifey. Alyssa, let’s get a bit of dirt on Tara. There are a few chances we get for you to, “What is she like to live with?” She has informed our readers of her craziness already of being in LA for a posh British girl with the cat psychic and the doggy daycare. She’s extremely LA which I don’t see you as at all. Maybe you’re secretly as bad as she is.

I personally cannot see giving up hard-earned money for a woman to talk to us about our cat. It doesn’t fit. To tell us how amazing the cat’s teeth are, unfortunately, the cat doesn’t have any teeth.

Is this what the domestic argument when you both come home from work are about? “I can’t believe you spend money on cat psychic.” “She knew what Jasper was feeling.” Is this what goes on with the conversations?

Luckily, no, not too often. That is only once in a blue moon.

Is she quite high maintenance, Alyssa?

What do you mean? You spend more time with her than I do, Dani. I’m going to defer to Tara on that.

The only issue we ever have is about the laundry. “When is the laundry being done? Don’t touch my laundry.” I don’t mind her touching my laundry, but I’m not allowed to touch hers.

Are you bad at laundry? I can’t imagine you’re good at laundry.

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We are literally airing dirty laundry.

Who’s in charge of the laundry and who’s better at the laundry?

Alyssa is in charge of the laundry. If I touch the laundry, I get into major trouble.

If you want pink shirts when you start with the whites, then you have Tara do your laundry.

That is not true. I’m going to change this back to MCH. What does MCH stand for and why did you call your company MCH?

Manage, Create, Heighten. I called it MCH because I know we’ve talked about agency in a couple of the questions. In all honesty, I serve as a manager. That’s because I handle many different aspects of the careers that I look after from publicity to branding to the day-to-day. I know everything about my artists. I know when they have doctor’s and filler appointments, down to everything. I do look after and manage the entire career. Create, because that’s what to do whether it be creating content, which is everybody’s new favorite word, whether it be creating a look. That is what the artist does and that is what I help them do. Heighten, because you’re always trying to look for that next level.

Did you always want to be in entertainment or did you want to go into something else?

Before you answer, Alyssa, I don’t see what Alyssa does as entertainment. I don’t look at her in the entertainment industry. I look at Alyssa in the more corporate backend, production side of something and not much entertainment. Would that be wrong, Alyssa, or is it a bit of both?

I used to be smart. The knowledge in my head was filled with science and chemistry. I wanted to develop an antivirus for HIV. That is what I went to school for. I was in the Farm D program at USC and I am far away from that.

You’re quite clever. You’re a proper science nerd.

I was a science nerd.

Now, you manage high-maintenance hairdressers.

All that I can tell you factually is who’s doing what, who’s going where, who’s winning what award and who’s doing what project. It’s much entertainment-driven.

Do you feel a bit like you’ve compromised for art? Do you feel a bit like you want to go back and do something a bit sciencey and a bit more fulfilling later down the line?

Absolutely not. I had to come to terms with the fact that I was not meant to pipette liquids into test tubes over and over for hours on end alone in a lab. I’m personable. I need to talk, be and do. That entertainment aspect of it lends to doing that constantly. You’re out, you’re meeting people, you’re selling and you’re pitching. That part of my personality would have suffered had I decided to stay locked in a lab.

Who are the best celebrities to work with? Who do your artists clamor to? Is it the JLo’s, the Beyonce’s? Who are the top three that your hair and makeup artists always say to you, “That would be my dream job and my dream client?” Who sets the trends? Who’s always in trend? Let’s give the readers what they want to know. Let’s give them a bit of tabloid of the fun stuff.

Dani, I would be breaking many NDAs if I answer that question.

That’s in an NDA, who they want to work with?

Absolutely. I’ve signed many. Not who they want to work with. For me, I don’t have an answer to that question like, “Who do I want?” I love the client list. I love the talent that I’ve met. I do ask the artist as soon as they come in and as soon as somebody goes on my roster who their top five are. It varies from person to person. You would think it would be that A, number one. It’s usually not. It’s usually the up and comer. It’s the person that is under the radar, the Phoebe Waller-Bridge before winning every Emmy.

She’s brilliant.

LLL 13 | Hollywood Hair And Makeup
Hollywood Hair And Makeup: LA has many elements and so many moving parts that it comes down to just knowing your artists and knowing your clients.


From the past, who have people suggested that were under the radar who are now big stars that we would all know of?

I remember one of my hairstylists not wanting to make her way to Cannes to work with Jennifer Lawrence. They were like, “I don’t know who she is.” They were in London. I was like, “You need to get on a plane, train or Chunnel and get yourself to Cannes.” It was a hard no. Look where she is now. The same with Taylor Swift when she was coming. We worked quite a bit with Taylor Swift long before she was Taylor Swift. There are certain people that understand what you need to do, what you need to put in, and how hard you need to work. The people that never say no and always say yes, those are the people that excel and make it to the top.

What can you earn being a top celebrity hairstylist or makeup artist these days? What’s the going rate on average? For those people who are reading and think, “Maybe that’s a good career for me,” what are we looking at here?

My billings range from $10,000 to $0 a day. That’s for your top advertising. That is your celebrity requested top advertising. Is that average? Absolutely not. Would I like to see those rates every day? Bring it.

What’s the average? Is it $200 a day or $1,000 a day? Not the top of the top or the bottom. What are you looking at? A nice steady career, as somebody in this position, what can you make as a person in this type of career for people that are looking to do it?

If you’re middle of the road and you work with TV people, your average day is going to be roughly about $500 per house call. If you are working with TV, they usually tend to pay a little bit better rates. You’re looking more at $1,200 to $1,500.

I’m in the wrong business, Tara. What’s going on here? I can brush my hair. I can have twenty hairbrushes in the bag. It’s $1,200 a day, Tara. What are we doing?

Alyssa, if you came back as a hair or a makeup artist, which would you want to be?

Both are creative and talented, neither of which I am. I would have to stick to numbers.

No, but you have to.

It all comes down to a steady hand. I don’t have a steady hand so I can’t be a makeup artist. I’d have to go with hair.

Dani, you’re right. I don’t know that I could hold that mascara wand and add those individual lashes like so many people do and love. I’m not sure you want to turn me out with scissors either. That’s dangerous, too.

Yeah, but they can’t see the back of their heads so you could do anything. They’re not going to know on that day.

Dani, we met through work. I was a client of Alyssa’s for four years before we even met.

I knew that you represented the talent that you booked with Alyssa. That’s quite a long time. Had you seen each other or was it all just phone calls?

It’s just phone calls and totally business.

I never knew how to say her name.

Either way, it’s a four-letter name. She’s been called a lot of worse.

I have too many friends that are named Tara. We can’t but it was difficult. For a long time, I was terrified to call her. I would only do emails because I was like, “This girl is sweet and nice. She calls me every time she’s in LA and needing hair and makeup, but I don’t know her name.”

People call her a lot worse. Why don’t you do either, just call her TJ? That solves all problems.

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I probably did.

It was a four-year work relationship. When did you meet? Was it love at first sight?

It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was love quite soon after the initial meeting.

I walked into a meeting with the woman. I didn’t realize it was going to be a love connection. I thought, “Look at her and her little fancy Prada heels. How nice that she came to meet me at this random place in the middle of the Valley,” when we were taking a proper agent-manager meeting.

Can I ask a heterosexual question? My experience of dating on you meet someone you make a connection is as the girl, you wait for the guy to make the move or to ask for your number. There’s a protocol. What happens when there are two gay women? Who makes the move? How do you know who’s to do what and when?

It’s a flutter of the eyes.

You might look like you’ve got something in your eye, you got an eyelash, you got Tourette’s or something.

I thought she had a twitch.

Who waits for who? What’s the gay women protocol when it comes to making the first move?

I wish I had that crystal ball.

I don’t even know how to answer that.

It’s whoever’s ballsier?

I guess so. Who’s got the bigger balls?

Whoever’s had two vodka martinis.

Neither of us drink.

Who was it then out of you two that made the move?

It was me.

Look at you, big balls.


Did she ask for your phone number? I suppose you already have that. What did she say, Alyssa? I want to see Tara’s moves. Let’s see what kind of player she is.

LLL 13 | Hollywood Hair And Makeup
Hollywood Hair And Makeup: As a manager, you want your talent portrayed in the best light. It’s about the makeup and the hair, and taking all of that off their plate so they sit in a chair and relax.


She said, “We need to take a meeting in London.” She invited me to come visit her in London. That was the end of it.

Tara, that is so fresh.

She’s a fool for getting on the plane.

You didn’t even ask for a local drink. You said, “Come across the world.” That is fresh, Alyssa.

Who’s the mock here?

We had one local drink.

No mock. That’s quite a big statement. That’s like, “Will you come to the other side of the world and have a drink with me?” Did you pay for her ticket at least?


That’s quite an ass then. What happens if you don’t want to get on a plane for ten hours? What happens then, Alyssa?

She hopes I come back to LA.

Did you go?

Yeah, but we carried on talking for a bit and whatever else.

She did go to London to see you?

I did.

That’s love, Tara.

The rest is history.

That is true love to get on a plane, suffer that jetlag to come and have a drink.

Isn’t that what everybody does?

No, they don’t get across the world. You’d be lucky if a bloke shows up at your local pub on time.

Dani, I’m worth it.

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We’re not on a Loreal commercial here, but yes, you are. One last question, do you get loads of goods coming your way? Whenever I’m at your house, there are boxes stashed by the front door. I don’t know if it’s Tara’s internet shopping addiction or if you’re getting bombarded with freebies?

You’re right. There are quite a few freebies that come in and unfortunately wasted on me because I am so not that girl and never have been that girl.

I’ll be that girl.

I’m not that girl.

I’m all about a little mascara, bronzer and lip gloss. Those are my live and die products.

Wasted on you two.

I know. The artists love it. It’s like Christmas every day.

What was the best most elaborate freebie an artist or company or anyone will send you? Give people a perspective of how the industry work sometimes.

I would say Chanel does the best mailings because they’re classy. Even down to my Christmas gift and the card in and of itself is always a cutout 3D amazing, beautiful card.

What’s in the box?

Layers of amazingness.

I’m jealous.

I have to say I have seen inside the boxes and it is light.

I’ll just take the Chanel box because I love the box with nothing in it.

Oftentimes, people try to steal that box when it comes in.

Alyssa, since you two aren’t into any of that glam, I’m here always. I’ll take any box off your hands. That sounds rude. I will take any Chanel box off your hands.

Where would you like to see the company in five years’ time?

What would you like to be doing in five years’ time?

With the way that the industry has changed and is changing, the rapid innovations that happen across the entire entertainment industry as a whole, I think that it’s moving to digital. That’s going to be and prove to be an interesting transition over the next five years for managers and agents across the entire entertainment industry.

Tara, better make some good money then to support you. Tara, it’s all on you.

LLL 13 | Hollywood Hair And Makeup
Hollywood Hair And Makeup: The entire entertainment industry moving to digital is going to be an interesting transition for managers and agents.


I will be on the right side of that wave.

If anybody ever needs some hair and makeup people, call Alyssa of MCH. She’ll hook you up. If you’ve got $10,000 a day to spare, just give her $1,200 and give us the rest. It’s such a waste.

Alyssa, what’s your website?

www.MCHGlobal.com and it’s @MCHGlobal on Instagram.

Thank you for joining us. You can follow us on our website at www.LaLaLanded.com. We’re on Instagram @LaLaLandedPodcast and Facebook @LaLaLandedPodcast.

If you’ve got any suggestions, questions or comments for Alyssa, feel free to comment on our Instagram or go to our website. Our email address is there as well. We’d love to know any of your suggestions for any future episode. If you want to get Alyssa back on again, we can persuade her. Thank you for reading. We appreciate you taking your time to join us here at La La Landed and make sure to check back soon for our coming episodes.

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About Alyssa Regulski

LLL 13 | Hollywood Hair And MakeupHaving represented artists in the beauty world for over 20 years, Alyssa Regulski is at the forefront of her industry. With the knowledge of where the industry has been and more importantly where it’s headed, Alyssa guides careers, builds lasting relationships & brands while curating and creating art for top publications and clients globally.

As a founder of artist management firm MCH, she specializes across several entertainment mediums and platforms from celebrity to advertising and print campaigns to social activations with a variety of leading talent worldwide. Streamlining the booking, producing & activation process with one email, one call or one click for any and all production needs is a cornerstone of MCH.



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