La La Landed Has Landed: Meet Hosts, Dani Behr And Tara Joseph

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La La Landed has finally landed! Manning the show are Dani Behr—one of the UK’s most dynamic TV personalities—and Tara Joseph—music manager, talent agent and now, TV producer. In this episode, we meet these two incredible hosts who will take us across great stories of opportunities and dreams in the city of LA. But before we hear what the guests have to say, we first get to know the journey of Dani and Tara as they navigate their lives from London to the city of dreams. They share their origin story of how they met and officialized their company, DANTAR Productions, and eventually starting their podcasting venture. True to LA, expect the great wisdom, insights, and experience from Dani and Tara across the highs and lows of their LA lives in this episode.

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La La Landed Has Landed: Meet Hosts, Dani Behr And Tara Joseph

Welcome to La La Landed and we have landed. It’s so exciting for us to be here and joining you for our brand new series, La La Landed with myself, Dani Behr and the incomparable, Tara Joseph.

That’s me. I can’t believe after all these years of you and I being friends, here we are, twenty-some years later, doing this together.

It’s been a long time coming. Finally, we’re including the rest of the world on our little chit chats.

We sit here talking to one another, mostly nonsense all day, every day. Now, the world can share in all of our nonsense. Hopefully they’ll get something out of it as well. Hopefully, they’ll enjoy it.

We are British. We both hail from the fabulous City of London and we have both been in LA for a minute or so. My minutes are a bit longer than yours, aren’t they?

How long have you been here? I can’t remember.

I’ve been in LA since about 2000.

I’ve been here for years and I’ve literally loved every minute. Still a big fan of the UK, still loving London, always will. Miss your nearest and dearest.

You get a little British with the release of the Downton Abbey movie. “OMG,” as my thirteen-year-old daughter would say. It is brilliant. It does not disappoint people, but I do have to give some advice. It is so much more beneficial if you have watched the entire every season of the TV show. You’ve got to watch the entire TV show to get to know the characters. I was crying, laughing, melancholy, patriotic.

I can’t wait. My wife is catching up. She’s nearly at the end of season four right now. I’ve said to her, “Get a move on. Watch it every minute of the day, forget about work. I need to be in the cinema seeing Downton.”

You’ve got to see on the big screen. It’s worth it. I loved it. That was so British and nostalgic. You feel patriotic. You feel homesick a little bit. I love that show though. I was a huge fan and I know it’s hugely popular here in the States with all my American friends.

I want us to share with everyone how we know each other. How do we know each other? How do I know you?

For those who don’t know us, which is pretty much all of you, Tara and I are both from London, as I mentioned. We have a very long history together. We first met while working together. Tara, I’ll let you tell the story because you’re so much better at it than me and my memory is shocking. After I have child number two popped out, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast.

I was a lowly second assistant at a big talent agency in London, stacking VHS cassettes. That takes us back to the late ‘90s, so I’m aging us. In walks this gorgeous blonde, very successful girl and I’m like this gray minion in the corner stacking videos. I’m like, “I want to be her friend. Who is she?” No, not who are you? I knew who you were. I want to be her friend.

For those of you that don’t know who I am, I used to be a TV host or a TV presenter, as we say back in the UK. I used to host some quite high-rated entertainment television show. I was quite well-known and Tara, as she put it, was the second lowly assistant, which sounds rather depressing, to my current agent at that time who was probably all of 4’11”, full Napoleon complex. I remember he was throwing VHS tapes at people’s heads, which now wouldn’t be allowed.

I am one of those people who had a VHS cassette thrown at my head. When you walked into the room, I’d probably been dodging to the left and to the right and in walks this ray of sunshine. I’m like, “I hope she talks to me.” I don’t think you did. It was quite another year.

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I said, “Hello.” I couldn’t see you. You were down at the bottom on the floor behind the desk. Needless to say, the gray minion stacking VHS isn’t taking one for the team over the head here and there. You ended up rising the ranks through the talent agent way of life and became her own big talent agent. Needless to say, I ended up changing the company I was at and moving to her new one, which was at the time, William Morris, a big talent agency here in the States. They were opening their European offices. I was Tara’s first ever client when we both moved over to William Morris. What year was that?

I was at William Morris, 1998 to 2000.

That was a long time ago. We’ve known each other for a long time. We’ve worked together for a very long time. When I moved to LA, which was a decade or so more than Tara did, and then Tara eventually followed, we’d always stayed in touch. We always reconnected whenever she was in town. We came across a project that I was working on. To jump to the end of how we both met, Tara and I had a concept for a television show. I was starting to write TV shows and I got some momentum with it. Tara is like an extended family. I know her family and she knows mine. She was somebody I’ve always trusted and so I said, “Do you want to jump on boat and do this with me?” That’s the quick version. We officialized our production company called DANTAR back in early 2018.

DANTAR is going super well. DANTAR is 50% Dan and 50% Tar and we literally sit around the table all day, most days, coming up with and brainstorming for creative ideas. We’ve been very lucky to work with some of the most amazing production companies in town from Pilgrim to Objective to eOne. We won’t tell you right now about the shows we have in development, but soon we will. It’s super exciting.

People are like, “What is a producer?” For the average person out there, they’ve heard of that. They’ve seen them on the Emmy’s and on the Oscar’s, but what is a producer? What do they do? In the world of TV, you could be two types of producer. We’re what we call conceptual producers. We come up with the ideas for TV shows, create a format and cast it. Sometimes we do the other way around. We have a great personality or person that we think would make a fantastic TV show and then we will create a concept or format around that person. We package it up all nice and pretty with fabulous materials. We present it to one of our production partners that Tara mentioned. We try and sell it to them. If they like the idea there, they will say, “Fabulous, let’s do it.” We all sit down and start the creative development process and get it ready to pitch to the big networks. That’s how we work. The companies that we team up with, what we call the heavy lifters, they have the cameras, the editing suites and the editors and they have the full team. We give them the idea and then they go back and do the heavy lifting.

As this progress, we’re going to be sharing more with you about DANTAR Productions. The highs and the lows of Dani’s and my LA life.

The entertainment industry is a funny industry. As the old famous Pretty Woman quote goes, “Everybody’s got a dream, which they do,” and it’s a city where you can come and make that dream happen. It can be realized. We’re from England where there is a bit more skepticism, a bit more cynicism. Not every new idea is welcomed with open arms. We are a very old country and we are stuck in our ways, which is good and bad at times. LA is the city of opportunity. No way either of us have ever experienced before.

I honestly feel that anything you set your heart on doing here, if you believe in it, you can make other people believe in it as well. Dreams do come true here. You can reinvent yourself. Whatever you want to do, it’s possible. More so here than anywhere else on the planet.

It’s a city of, “Fake it until you make it baby.” As long as you look at the part, you act the part, you say you’re the part, you’ll start believing you’re the part and everybody around you starts believing. It’s the only place where you could be truck driver one day and then tell them that you’re a producer the next day with zero skills, zero experience just because you’ve told everyone that’s who you are.

Perception is everything. As we progress, we’re going to be giving simply from our perspective our tips and tricks for navigating around LA and simply what we enjoy doing. We’ll be introducing you to some fun guests and taking you on our journey through the fabulousness that is LA.

It is a city of glamor, a city of fun, a city of characters. The characters in this place are so amusing, fun and eclectic to watch. It’s going to be a journey through LA living and working here in LA. Dani and Tara and friends. We’re going to be bringing our friends on and hearing about their story and their LA experiences and what they have to offer.

Going from that though, I want you to tell me how’s dating going? What’s dating like in LA?

For everybody out there, I was married for a very long time. I’m very good friends with my ex-husband, Carl. We have two lovely kiddies, Zane and Coco. I’m living in teenage hell. It’s very interesting. They don’t do what I say anymore. Considering I’m a bit of a control freak, I’m having a bit of a hard time with that. I’m like, “It’s bedtime.” “I don’t think so.” I’m like, “What? What do you mean you don’t think so?” “I can stay up as late as I want.” I said, “Don’t think so me. I’m still your mother.” That will be a whole other one on parenting in LA or in this generation because we are old school. Did you see how I got away from the dating subject? 

You said it like a politician avoided the answer.

We both grew up back in the day. I’m 45.

I’m 48.

LLL Intro | Living The LA Life
Living The LA Life: In LA, as long as you look the part, act the part, say the part, you’ll start believing you’re the part and everybody around you starts believing in it too.


As long as everything stays tight and high, I’m good with the number. Don’t tell my kids because I’ve told them my media age is 28. I don’t think it’s working out so well. I think they know.

I’m going to say that I’m very happily married to my gorgeous wife, Alyssa. We have a dog and two cats who are our fur babies and we don’t have any human children. We consider them to be the light of our lives and we love them to pieces. We have to say from the get-go that what’s great about our relationship is the fact that we are so different. The thing that’s fabulous about Dani and my friendship is that we are so different.

We’re different but we’re very honest with each other about it, which sometimes upsets the other one. It’s okay because we’re like family. You get over very quickly, we don’t hold grudges. I say stop all the time to piss her off. She’s like, “Shut up.” I am sure she said stop to me every time I go, “Shut up.” The point is that we get over, we move on and we’ve never held a grudge about anything. That’s why it works.

No, I don’t think so. I need a vodka at the end of every Downton session.

We’re raging alcoholics now. That seems to be the inevitable situation in Hollywood.

We are joking.

I have to tell you, having kids, I’ve drunk more alcohol than I’ve ever done in my entire life. 

I stopped drinking. All I’ve had is two shots of vodka.

That’s a bit boring. Why? 

I was never a big drinker, but it made me feel a little bit better. No caffeine, no alcohol. I’m square and boring.

Here’s where we’re different. My favorite thing in the morning is that cup of coffee. I only have one cup a day. I take pride in it. I’ve got my milk frother. It’s a full-on barista style coffee and I can’t wait for that coffee. I sit on my patio looking at my half dying plants I’m trying to keep alive. It’s my moment of quiet. The kids are at school. Before I start my day, I treasure that moment. As far as alcohol goes, I never drank a drop before I had kids. What I mean by driven to drink is I never used to drink before I had kids. For me to have a drink is like the extreme for me. I’m probably averaging at tequila on a Wednesday night and on a Saturday night. That’s quite big for me. I’m a complete lightweight. 

Not a tequila on a Taco Tuesday?

No, I don’t do Taco Tuesday.

I used to love a Taco Tuesday.

I don’t like a taco. As my son says, “It’s taco mommy, it’s taco.” Talking of Britishness, what do you miss the most?


Anything you set your heart on doing in LA, if you believe in it, you can make other people believe in it as well. Click To Tweet

They’ve stopped licensing the real UK Capris out here. 

I didn’t even know they sold the real one to start with.

They were selling it at World Market and those international-type food shops. I used to pop in there at 8:30 at night, grab a pack of chocolate digestive biscuits, my favorites. My friend broke the news to me. The main distributor for Capris UK, because they had Capris in America but it doesn’t taste the same as we all know, has lost the distribution license or something like that. I’m absolutely gutted.

I’m going back. I’ll bring you a supply. I saw my cousin over there. I was in Italy and she bought me some UK chocolate. She bought me enough to last about five years. I’ve never seen so much.

There is a big difference. We’ll do a whole one on this, the American-British differences because that is a whole one in itself. This is to get you to meet Tara and myself and to give you a feel of the pair of us and how different and quirky our personalities are. I’ve had nine lives. I feel like a cat where I started very young as a television host and voiceover artist in the UK. I was on TV from the age of sixteen. Before that, I was in a girl band. This was pre-Spice Girls, I have to add. I was doing the whole girl group thing, then I went into TV and then I was doing real estate at the same time, flipping properties. When I moved to America, I came for TV and then I carried on doing real estate. I’ll talk to you about that separately because it’s rather boring for Tara. I’m going to have to do one on the La La Landed series. I’m going to have some episodes just me, myself and I, and they’re going to be called The Behr Essentials. I’m going to be focused on all things lifestyle and home and design and properties and all things Dani.

I’m going to be talking to you about the two reasons that I moved to LA, love and music. I’m going to be interviewing some exciting guests from the music industry, people from the industry of love.

Why don’t you tell them why you’re talking about the music industry because nobody knows your background?

Nobody knows my background. Thanks for that. She’s looking out for me. She’s my friend. I’ve been an agent in the entertainment industry for years before moving into music management. I have been fortunate enough to represent some really fantastic singers, actors, presenters, you being one of them. I’m going to take you on my personal journey through the music industry by introducing you to some exciting and interesting and fun guests. I hope you’ll enjoy that. It will be called For Love and Music.

We’ve lived very different lives even though they’re very much intertwined with the entertainment industry being the central theme of it all. Mostly my being in front of the camera and Tara is behind. We can bring those two dynamics. We’d love to hear any suggestions you might have or what you would like to hear about. Feel free to go to our Instagram, @LaLaLandedPodcast or our Facebook page, La La Landed. We’d love to hear your suggestions and comments and any recommendations of things you would like to discuss for us to focus on.

I enjoy going on this journey with you all. We’re super excited.

We’re going to fill you in every step of the way of all the news and updates that we have in the world of TV and production in Hollywood. We’re going to give you our insights and recommendations of things and people we love and things to do. 

We hope you enjoy this journey because we’re looking forward to it. I hope you can get to know us and hope we get to know you.

Thanks so much. 

Thank you.

We’re looking forward to chatting to you very soon. Check our website,

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