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LA is everything quintessentially Southern Californian – from the sun, surf and sand, to the hills, canyons, and everything in between. L.A is the epitome of everything Hollywood, glamour and Rock’ n’ Roll, and has fast become a cultural revolution in fashion, food, and architecture. Whether you’re one of the few original, born and bred Angeleno’s, or you’ve moved cross country or continent, everybody has their own L.A Story.
Join Dani Behr and Tara Joseph on their LA LA LANDED podcast, as they take you on a journey through the fast moving, fun-loving, opportunist city of L.A…the city of dreams where anything is possible…or is it?


Episode Blogs

Bringing Pantomime Theatre To LA With Kris Lythgoe

Life is a theatre set in which there are but few practicable entrances. TV Executive and Theatre Impresario Kris Lythgoe has  embraced these entrances and made a big impact to theatre by bringing Pantomine to the US. He explains what pantomime essentially is and how it helps introduce theatre to children. Sharing his experiences and achievements in […]

Married To The Music with Lily-May Young and Owen Thomas

  Owen Thomas and Lily-May Young embody what For Love and Music is all about. Not only are they married to the music and work together as a highly successful songwriting production team, TY Songs, but they are also married to each other. Having met through mutual friends, their partnership began in London and finally […]

La La Landed With Bravo’s Flipping Out Star Megan Weaver

  Interior designing can be a learned experience, but having strong personal relations skills is an innate gift. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Megan Weaver inherited her eye for design from her mother who turned their modest houses into beautiful homes on a strict budget. A valley girl and LA native, Megan talks about her life, career, […]

The Behr Essentials – With Bryan Callen

  If you want to succeed in the comedy business, you have to generate your own content and be ready to do a lot of work. In Dani Behr’s casual chat with her great friend, funny guy, top comedian, actor, and podcaster Bryan Callen, Bryan opens up about how he started, the cool and hard […]

Hurricanes And Hollywood With Kyle Hunter

  Experiencing a hurricane at seven years old and falling in love with it, you know you are destined to be a meteorologist when you grow up. In this episode, Dani Behr and Tara Joseph interview friend to the stars and expert meteorologist, Kyle Hunter. A worldwide expert on severe weather, hurricanes, climate, natural hazards, Kyle […]

Making Music Around The Globe With Patrick Hamilton

  The Globe studios in Belgium is a place where magic happens and where ideas become great songs. In this podcast episode, host Tara Joseph talks with multi-award winning composer, arranger, and producer Patrick Hamilton about his journey to becoming a successful writer and producer and how the Globe came into existence. Having had great […]

For Love And Music: Intro Episode

  Music can play an important part in love and relationships, and one basically affects the other. Having spent many years behind the scenes as an agent and manager representing some fabulous artists, Tara Joseph now finds herself hosting a podcast called For Love And Music. In this intro episode, Tara talks about how she […]

The Behr Essentials – An Introduction With Dani Behr

  Having lived a very eclectic life, Dani Behr started very young in the entertainment industry. From enrolling in a performing arts school to being signed to Warner Bros. for a record deal to TV hosting to becoming known as the voice-over queen on Kiss FM. Realizing how TV hosting, radio, or voice-overs, are jobs […]

LA LA LANDED – Getting To Know Us! with Dani Behr and Tara Joseph

  Every great show requires great hosts. On their road to greatness are this La La Landed’s hosts Dani Behr and Tara Joseph. In this special episode, you will be lucky to meet them and get to know them better. They talk about how each of their lives are right now, what led them to […]

La La Landed Has Landed: Meet Hosts, Dani Behr And Tara Joseph

  La La Landed has finally landed! Manning the show are Dani Behr—one of the UK’s most dynamic TV personalities—and Tara Joseph—music manager, talent agent and now, TV producer. In this episode, we meet these two incredible hosts who will take us across great stories of opportunities and dreams in the city of LA. But […]

How To Subscribe & Rate Our Podcast “5-stars” On iTunes

How To Subscribe To Our Podcast Please use the buttons below to subscribe to LA LA LANDED on your preferred podcasting app. How To Rate Our Podcast “5-stars” To rate our podcast “5-stars” on iTunes & Stitcher please scroll to the corresponding instructions below. Google Podcasts, Tune-In, iHeartRadio, Google Play, and Spotify do not have […]