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LA is everything quintessentially Southern Californian – from the sun, surf and sand, to the hills, canyons, and everything in between. L.A is the epitome of everything Hollywood, glamour and Rock’ n’ Roll, and has fast become a cultural revolution in fashion, food, and architecture. Whether you’re one of the few original, born and bred Angeleno’s, or you’ve moved cross country or continent, everybody has their own L.A Story.
Join Dani Behr and Tara Joseph on their LA LA LANDED podcast, as they take you on a journey through the fast moving, fun-loving, opportunist city of L.A…the city of dreams where anything is possible…or is it?


Episode Blogs

Behind The Doors Of The House Of Xtravaganza

  The House of Xtravaganza is a publicly recognized house whose members are known for their cultural influence in community activism, nightlife, arts, dance, and so much more. In this tell-all episode, hosts Dani Behr and Tara Joseph interview the beautiful and extravagant Gisele Alicea Xtravaganza, the Mother of the House of Xtravaganza. Gisele is also a […]

Dance Fitness: Dancing Your Way To Your Weight Goal With Manu Fernández  Barrio

  Fulfilling your dreams doesn’t just come to you on a silver platter. You will have to face a lot of difficulties and a lot of negativity along the way. That was the case with choreographer, fitness trainer, and dancer Manu Fernández Barrio. Manu is a German-born professional dancer and LA’s top choreographer and dance […]

Spiritual Guidance With Rabbi Danny

  Fulfillment and happiness are what everyone from all ages and walks of life seek. Dani Behr and Tara Joseph take Lala Landed to a whole new level by inviting Rabbi Danny on to this episode that focuses on giving back, attaining ultimate happiness, and the truth behind a long-time myth! Rabbi Danny currently runs […]

Honoring The Story When Directing With David Tripler

  There are just not enough acting roles in Hollywood. For this reason, some take the road towards becoming a director. However, directing is not an easy feat either. Today’s guest has shown that with passion, perseverance, and drive, you can fulfill your dreams in abundance. Dani Behr and Tara Joseph sit down with successful […]

The World’s First Male Supermodel and Award Winning Writer and Actor, Hoyt Richards 

    The lives of celebrities are so frequently mythologized to the point of ridicule and unbelievability, but as the adage goes, “The truth is oftentimes stranger than fiction.” Such is the case for the man known as the world’s first male supermodel. Hoyt Richards, a legend who walked alongside the modeling world’s greatest—Cindy Crawford, […]

Film and TV Scoring, Songwriting and Performing with Icelandic Born Composer, Herdís Stefánsdóttir

    When watching our favorite films or TV series, we tend to take for granted that much of the experience we get comes as much from the musical score as from the pictures themselves. Tara Joseph is joined by Icelandic-born composer, songwriter and electronic musician, Herdís Stefánsdóttir in this episode. Herdis has scored two feature films, […]

From Wigs To Hair Care with Tara Smith


East meets West with Real Estate Expert Jimmy Hirsch

  Los Angeles, California is teeming with many of America’s most sought-after real properties. Today, Dani Behr and luxury real estate agent James Hirsch offer some crucial real estate advice for buyers and sellers and market predictions. James shares some trends that he has observed from buyers and sellers through the years, and enlightens us […]

The Aging Process: Getting Old The Right Way

  The flow of time is something that nobody has control over. Whether you do something or nothing at all, the years will still keep coming, and all you can do is transition with the changes that comes along the aging process. In this episode, Dani Behr and Tara Joseph face their years and talk […]

Getting Inspired and Creating Music with Composer, Andrew Prahlow

    Composing music for video games and movies involves having an exceptional talent and being 100% driven.  Andrew Prahlow has fast become a star in the world of composing music for video games, trailers, and films. In today’s episode, Tara Joseph chats to Andrew about the process of composing and creating music for all types […]

Fashionable Interior Designs: Designing The West And The East Coast

  A home is a place of solace, safety, and comfort. That is why it’s perfectly understandable that people want the interior of their homes designed as fashionable as possible according to their taste. In this episode, Dani Behr and Tara Joseph interview the President of Everick Brown Design, Everick Brown, and CEO Lisa Brown […]

PR, Fashion, And Retail With The King Of PR, Daniel Marks

  Have you ever wondered how a famous product, service, or person came to be? In the fashion industry, one of the people we can thank are those that dare to enter the PR industry, braving the frontlines and paving the way for incredible talent. Known as the King of PR, Launcher of Labels, Diplomat […]

United Kingdom’s Monarchy In The 21st Century

  The United Kingdom’s Royal Family has always been one of the core foundations of British culture, and the time of succession grows near. In this episode, co-hosts Dani Behr and Tara Joseph discuss the different controversies the Royal Family is going through and give their insights, opinions, and concerns on matters concerning the present […]

A Collaboration Of Love And Music

  They say the greatest marriages are built on teamwork. On today’s show, Tara Joseph is joined by one of the music industry’s most talented husband-and-wife teams – double-Grammy nominee and Concord recording artist, Monica Mancini, and three-time Grammy winner, five-time Latin Grammy winner, and with an Emmy to his name as well, Gregg Field.  Monica and […]

Helping Cancer Research through The Farrah Fawcett Foundation and Sharing a Personal Journey as Mother to an Autistic Child

  Cancer treatment has been a struggle for many people and families that have loved ones suffering from this disease. That is why it is vital that we have organizations that further fund research about it as well as clinics that help those diagnosed with it. In this episode, Christine Romeo, director of communications for […]

Get that perfect body ’ with celebrity fitness expert, Dave Hancock

  Performance directors are people who perform an all-encompassing role beyond what coaches, PTs, and traditional athletic trainers can offer. In this episode, Performance Director and Nutritionist to the stars, brit Dave Hancock reveals his methodologies in helping athletes perform at their optimal level. He works with Odell Beckham, Kevin Durant, The NY Knicks, Man […]

Dantar Productions: The Ins And Outs Of TV Production

  It’s easy to criticize films and TV shows without knowing the hard work, time, and dedication put into it behind the scenes. In this episode, co-hosts Dani Behr and Tara Joseph talks about their company, Dantar Productions, and what they do in their daily lives as they explain the process behind TV production. They […]

Music And PR With Kathleen Alder

  The music industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the business world. In this episode, Kathleen Alder, the Founder and MD of WildKat, shares how and why she started her own company and sheds some light on what PR and marketing in the music industry are all about. Kathleen is a real […]

Becoming A Professional Storyteller

  Are you looking to hone your skills as a screenwriter and a storyteller? Professional storyteller Heidi Hornbacher is a writer, producer, and director. In this episode, Heidi joins Dani Behr and Tara Joseph to talk about her passion for writing and how she shares her skills through PageCraft. From Italy to LA, Heidi and her husband, Carlo, […]

How to achieve the ultimate bucket list!’ with Louise Monger aka Loopy Lou

  Life is full when you seize opportunities and make decisions you never thought you’d make because of love. Crazy expat Louise Monger joins Dani Behr for a chat about life and love and living in the USA. Born entertainer, Louise lives life to the full. She talks about from her daring bucket list to […]

A Spiritual Journey To Becoming A World-Class DJ With DJ Lina

  We seldom meet people in our lives who magnify positivity and goodness when they are around us. Today, Dani Behr and Tara Joseph interview Lina Bradford, also known as DJ Lina. Kicking off her career at an early age, DJ Lina tells us her amazing beginnings and journey towards becoming a world class DJ. She […]

Going The Distance With Tenor, Jonathan Antoine

  In today’s episode, Tara talks to the young, super-talented tenor, Jonathan Antoine.  Jonathan shares with us his journey to success – from overcoming bullying to creating his three-act album called Going The Distance. As a singer who has been through so many challenges, Jonathan also shares some tips on how singers can look after their […]

Looking for love? Matchmakers are Making a Comeback!

  In this day and age, it has become harder and harder to find the right person.  Helping you navigate the changing dating landscapes by bringing it back to traditional matchmaking are matchmakers, Liz Murad Waters and Linda Kassimir of Together, they share what people are usually looking for in a partner and explain why the people […]

Star Athlete to TV Pundit- Soccer stories with Warren Barton

  Taking a big leap from sports to media is a bold move especially when you are part of a national team. This episode is a fun, lively chat with former England football star and Fox Sports host, Warren Barton. Warren was born and raised in London, UK and played at the highest level for […]

Grrrrr!!! Our Pet Peeves!

  Annoying moments are often the most memorable ones because we learn important lessons from them. In today’s interesting episode, Tara Joseph and Dani Behr discuss their pet peeves and some things they personally find annoying. They share instances that made them feel uncomfortable and aggravated whilst trying to keep a smile on their faces at the same time. […]

Trans Chorus Of LA: Changing The World Through Music With Abdullah Hall and Kathryn Davis

  Music is a universal language that puts us together no matter who, where, and what we are. In this episode, Artistic Director Abdullah Hall and Executive Director from the Trans Chorus of LA, Kathryn Davis, share their vision in helping to change the world through music. Specifically giving voice to the trans community, they […]

Founding City Summit, Working With Celebrities, And Giving Back To The World With Ryan Long

  Giving back and helping as many people as possible generates great rewards. Acts of kindness and philanthropic endeavors are no strangers to our guest today, Ryan Long, the Founder of City Summit and Global Unity Foundation. As Dani Behr and Tara Joseph interview him, he passionately talks about his life journey from being a […]

The Behr Essentials: Flip Tips 101 With Barrie Livingstone

  Flipping houses does not necessarily have to be expensive. You just have to do it right. Accomplished interior designer and real estate agent, Barrie Livingstone, shows us how in this episode. Barrie shares his design and house flipping tips and tricks that will have your property look appealing without the high price tag. He […]

L.A’s Top Jazz Club Owner and Star Maker – Eden Alpert

  Doing what you know you are good at can truly give you the satisfaction and success you deserve. For Eden Alpert, the daughter of Grammy Award winner Herb Alpert and co-owner of the famous jazz super club Vibrato Grill Jazz in Bel Air, success comes with music and entertainment. Growing up with a celebrity […]

Life of a Music Agent with Heulwen Keyte

  Agencies generally rule the music industry with music agents as the front liners. Today, Tara Joseph interviews top music agent at United Talent Agency (UTA), Heulwen Keyte. She explains to us the process of becoming an agent, what one does, and what its differences are to being a manager. As with any profession, relationships are key to […]

Hollywood 101 With Movie Exec Mark Pennell

  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be behind the scenes of the great movies that we see in theatres and on television? In this episode, movie executive Mark Pennell shares how the film industry has changed and withstood the test of time. Mark is the head of New Business and Special Projects at Beacon Pictures. […]

Hitting Your Demographic Through Branding And Marketing with Brand Expert Jane Rowley

  Starting a business or have a great idea and don’t know the next steps? Do you already have your business up and running but not hitting your demographic? In this episode, let’s hear some expert advice from branding and marketing expert, Jane Rowley. Jane explains branding in its easiest definition dives deep into identifying […]

A Comedian’s Life With Dana Goldberg

  Being funny on stage and making people happy are the key roles of any comedian. For, comedian, humanitarian, and host of Out In Left Field, Dana Goldberg, bringing laughter to a global audience is one of the many things she can do. In this episode, she joins Dani Behr and Tara Joseph as she […]

Becoming A Music Lawyer, a Record Company Exec and Signing Top Deals With Alexi Cory-Smith

  The music business is still a male-dominated industry, but women like Alexi Cory-Smith have proven to everyone that women can be successful in it as well. Alexi is a music industry entrepreneur who aims at taking control of her own business and doing something unique with music while also traveling extensively. In this interesting […]

AR, VR, AI And All Things Digital And Technology In Hollywood With The Mill’s Bethan Horton

  With its aim to continually wow its audience with top-level entertainment, Hollywood has become a haven of technology. In this episode, Dani Behr and Tara Joseph chat with Yorkshire lass now LA resident, Bethan Horton from The Mill. Bethan shares with us where she’s from, what she does, and what new advances keep The Mill […]

Carving A Career In Voiceover With The King Of The Voices, Stefan Frank

  Are you thinking of carving a career in voiceover? Legendary voiceover artist Stefan Frank gives us a peek into the fun world of voice talent. Stefan’s speaking voice is on TV on most continents daily. He’s on many cartoons, games, documentaries, over a thousand TV promos, film trailers, and commercials. Today, Stefan talks about […]

PR Stories And Crisis Management For The Stars With Daniel Bee

  Working in public relations can be like working in a never-ending circus.  Today, Dani Behr and Tara Joseph interview top celebrity publicist and media expert, Daniel Bee. Daniel gives us a firsthand account of the trials and tribulations of looking after the reputations and careers of celebrities. Having worked for big names like Hugh Hefner […]

Reaching Creative Heights: Pursuing Music And Photography With Krystalan

  It is one thing to pursue your passions, but to find another one along the way is truly something. As global music executive who has developed a love and passion for photography while traveling across the world, Krystalan is someone who many would say is taking her artistic eye to new creative heights. In this episode, […]

Plastic Surgery: Reconstructing Lives with Dr. Payman Danielpour

  Plastic surgery is more than just reconstructing or repairing parts of the body. It’s also about giving back to people that need help and enhancing their lives. Living in California and growing up in LA, Dr. Payman Danielpour wanted to be a singer and be in movies and films. Once he went to school […]

Conversations With A Fashion Icon and La Resident

  Born and raised in LA, fashion retailer icon and branding consultant Lisa Kline joins host Dani Behr and opens up about her cool childhood and realizing her dreams of owning a store at the age of nine. Her work in branding is a web of fascinating knowledge and experiences. They also chat about the demise […]

La La Landed: A Friendship’s Journey With Tara And Dani

  Many people will walk into your life, but only a true friend stays with you till the end of time. Tara Joseph and Dani Behr have been through things only true friends can go through. In this episode, Tara and Dani Discuss their friends and friendship with loving and touching details. They talk about […]

Making Extraordinary Music with Elena Charbila

  What triggers the mind of a brilliant artist to make music that is eerie, celestial and exquisite? For today’s episode, we interview the fabulously talented Elena Charbila, aka Kid Moxie. Elena is a musician and actress based in Los Angeles and Greece. She talks about making extraordinary music, her own kind of music, that […]

Dan Rutstein on Making the Shift From Government to VR and Enjoying All That LA Has to Offer

  Is it worth uprooting your entire life for a career shift in a different continent? Dan Rutstein proves that it is because he has done it himself. Dan started out as a sports journalist in Bermuda and then transitioned to becoming a diplomat. As Regional Director West and Central USA for the department of international trade, […]

Real Estate and Investment Advice with Adam Surnow

  If you are someone who does not care about what other people say about you, this episode is a real treat. Load up on some hilarious banter plus some great real estate investment advice from Adam Surnow aka The Cranky Jew. This easily irritated real estate investor talks about real estate fundamentals, investment tips, […]

Hollywood Hair And Makeup With Alyssa Regulski

  Let’s face it, LA, the City of Angels, is the epicentre and the mecca of the world of all things fashion, beauty, and glamor, and Alyssa Regulski is one of the experts behind the glamorous façade making it all happen. Alyssa is a beauty agent and the Founder and CEO of MCH, a full-service experience company offering […]

Creating Music For The Indie Music Landscape With Dayvid

  Our guest is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter from San Diego. Having been writing for major artists since the age of seventeen, he has now started to gain momentum and success as a solo artist. He’s working with some top producers and is embracing what it truly means to be an Indie Artist. With […]

Mob Wives: From Mob Life To Hollywood Glamour With Jennifer Graziano

  When you know you are good at something, you persevere and get something out of it no matter what it takes. In this episode, Mob Wives creator/producer, Jennifer Graziano of Just Jenn Productions talks about what sparked her idea on creating the hit show. Having parlayed her success into the world of unscripted television, she […]

Academy Award Nominated Movie Star, Anne Archer

  Being able to act on the big screen and on stage is an amazing skill. In this episode, Dani Behr interviews the beautiful and talented Academy Award Nominee Anne Archer about the industry, their fun memories, and what’s ahead for her. Anne shares the changes in the acting industry and how it is still […]

Bringing Pantomime Theatre To LA With Kris Lythgoe

Life is a theatre set in which there are but few practicable entrances. TV Executive and Theatre Impresario Kris Lythgoe has  embraced these entrances and made a big impact to theatre by bringing Pantomine to the US. He explains what pantomime essentially is and how it helps introduce theatre to children. Sharing his experiences and achievements in […]

Married To The Music with Lily-May Young and Owen Thomas

  Owen Thomas and Lily-May Young embody what For Love and Music is all about. Not only are they married to the music and work together as a highly successful songwriting production team, TY Songs, but they are also married to each other. Having met through mutual friends, their partnership began in London and finally […]

La La Landed With Bravo’s Flipping Out Star Megan Weaver

  Interior designing can be a learned experience, but having strong personal relations skills is an innate gift. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Megan Weaver inherited her eye for design from her mother who turned their modest houses into beautiful homes on a strict budget. A valley girl and LA native, Megan talks about her life, career, […]

Succeeding in Comedy with Bryan Callen

  If you want to succeed in the comedy business, you have to generate your own content and be ready to do a lot of work. In Dani Behr’s casual chat with her great friend, funny guy, top comedian, actor, and podcaster Bryan Callen, Bryan opens up about how he started, the cool and hard […]

Hurricanes And Hollywood With Kyle Hunter

  Experiencing a hurricane at seven years old and falling in love with it, you know you are destined to be a meteorologist when you grow up. In this episode, Dani Behr and Tara Joseph interview friend to the stars and expert meteorologist, Kyle Hunter. A worldwide expert on severe weather, hurricanes, climate, natural hazards, Kyle […]

Making Music Around The Globe With Patrick Hamilton

  The Globe studios in Belgium is a place where magic happens and where ideas become great songs. In this podcast episode, host Tara Joseph talks with multi-award winning composer, arranger, and producer Patrick Hamilton about his journey to becoming a successful writer and producer and how the Globe came into existence. Having had great […]

For Love And Music: Intro Episode

  Music can play an important part in love and relationships, and one basically affects the other. Having spent many years behind the scenes as an agent and manager representing some fabulous artists, Tara Joseph now finds herself hosting a podcast called For Love And Music. In this intro episode, Tara talks about how she […]

The Behr Essentials – An Introduction With Dani Behr

  Having lived a very eclectic life, Dani Behr started very young in the entertainment industry. From enrolling in a performing arts school to being signed to Warner Bros. for a record deal to TV hosting to becoming known as the voice-over queen on Kiss FM. Realizing how TV hosting, radio, or voice-overs, are jobs […]

Mob Families: Of Rats And Men With Mob Wives Star, Renee Graziano

  Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas is a genre-defining moment for mob movies, but have you ever wondered if any of it was real? Mob Wives star Renee Graziano responds with a resounding yes as she spills the beans about the show and what to expect in the new season. Growing up the daughter of a mob […]

LA LA LANDED – Getting To Know Us! with Dani Behr and Tara Joseph

  Every great show requires great hosts. On their road to greatness are this La La Landed’s hosts Dani Behr and Tara Joseph. In this special episode, you will be lucky to meet them and get to know them better. They talk about how each of their lives are right now, what led them to […]

La La Landed Has Landed: Meet Hosts, Dani Behr And Tara Joseph

  La La Landed has finally landed! Manning the show are Dani Behr—one of the UK’s most dynamic TV personalities—and Tara Joseph—music manager, talent agent and now, TV producer. In this episode, we meet these two incredible hosts who will take us across great stories of opportunities and dreams in the city of LA. But […]

The Behr Essentials With 7-Time Emmy Winner Writer/Director Terry Jastrow

  Being a director or a producer needs a good sense of storytelling and the ability to communicate in a way that invites others to join. In this episode, host Dani Behr interviews seven-time Emmy winner and seventeen-time Emmy-nominated screenwriter, playwright, director, and producer, Terry Jastrow who is also the husband of movie star Anne […]

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