United Kingdom’s Monarchy In The 21st Century

LLL Tara Royal | The Royal Family

LLL Tara Royal | The Royal Family


The United Kingdom’s Royal Family has always been one of the core foundations of British culture, and the time of succession grows near. In this episode, co-hosts Dani Behr and Tara Joseph discuss the different controversies the Royal Family is going through and give their insights, opinions, and concerns on matters concerning the present and the future of the monarchy. Tara also shares the wonderful experiences she’s had meeting with some of the big shots in the Royal Family.

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United Kingdom’s Monarchy In The 21st Century

Dani And Tara Discuss The Royal Family

We’d love to touch on something that’s close to Tara’s and I’s heart. It’s quintessentially British and revered and loved worldwide. What are we talking about, Tara?

We are going to talk about the royal family led by the legend herself, Queen Elizabeth II.

Who doesn’t love the royal family or at least one member? Are there quite a lot?

There are probably people who don’t but let’s not bother about them. They are absolutely fabulous and the Queen is extraordinary.

It’s not something you get to choose, it’s something you’re born into. Most likely, they are frustrated and it’s an extremely difficult position and role to be from the moment you’re born. The scrutiny and everything that comes with it. The duty, the honor, and all of those things must be quite stressful. With that TV show, The Crown, which I’m obsessed with, I’ve learned so much about the royal family from that show.

I love watching Claire Foy in seasons one and two, and Olivia Colman did a great job in season three.

I prefer Claire Foy.

I do, too. I’m glad that Olivia got her Golden Globe and I know that Claire Foy won one a few years ago as well.

It’s well-written, isn’t it?

It’s brilliant. When you see the queen and all that she’s done. The dedication to the country, and the commonwealth that she’s devoted, it’s extraordinary because let’s remember that she didn’t ask for that position. She wasn’t born into that position and neither was her father. She’s done a miraculous job and it will be a devastating day when she’s no longer with us.

It’s going to be weird and surreal because our entire lives, she’s always been there. She’s the monarch and the bizarre thing when you’re born with. She’s on our coin. She’s on our money. She’s always there. Who’s your favorite besides the queen? She’s amazing, but as far as characters.

I’m a big supporter of Prince Charles. I love Prince Charles. He’s been given a tough time through the Diana years, but fundamentally, he’s a good man. He has tried to do a good job. I’m glad he was eventually able to love and be with the woman that he loves.

How accurate do you think The Crown is? I take that as full bible on all the facts of how it was.

That’s probably a little bit of give and take, but it’s known that he always loved Camilla.

If you look at The Crown, it seems he had a rough childhood and he had a hard time at school and college, and never had it easy.

I don’t think he wanted to go to Gordonstoun, which is a public school but in America, it would be considered a private school which is in Scotland. It was a tough school, all about physicality, masculinity, and it wasn’t him. When he had the opportunity to take his sons to a different school, he embraced that and they went to one of the most famous schools which is Eton.

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He didn’t want them far away and he didn’t want them to experience what he experienced.

That was tough for him.

It seems like he’s had a tough life and it’s only the latter years while he’s been with Camilla that he seems at his happiest.

I also found him attractive.

How? That’s not attractive. Only because he’s prince, but if he weren’t on your local route, you wouldn’t.

I met him.

Where and when?

I was at an event at Number One, London, which is on Hyde Park Corner. It’s the Duke of Wellington’s house. We were there for an art exhibition. There were a lot of fabulous people there. Prince Charles was doing the rounds and he saw me standing there alone. He came over to me and he’s like, “Are you a collector of fine art as well?” I said, “I love art. I wish I could be a collector, but I’m not yet.” We had a bit of a chat and he couldn’t have been more delightful. He was special.

Imagine the amount of small talk one has to do on a daily basis. That puts me off being a royal if I was ever asked. I’d be like, “Sorry.” The shaking of the hands and the constant small talk. That would drive me insane.

That’s why you could have to take your hats off to them because they work relentlessly. I’m also a huge fan of Kate Middleton because she’s never put a foot wrong.

A commoner who became queen.

She has done an amazing job and I have respect for her.

To the average person especially our American friends reading, in the sense that the papers and the public described her as a commoner. She’s not as common as what you think a commoner is. She comes from the posh countryside. She’s not a working-class girl. She’s commoner in the sense that she’s not aristocratic. In other words, a member of the Royal Society or royal blood. She’s a commoner in the sense she’s not royal, but she’s quite posh, went to the best schools, and is quite privileged. She had the skillsets and the upbringing to be part of this and to get it right.

She’s done a great job. She appears to be a great mother. Harry and William are cute. William and Harry are total assets to the country.

They’ve slipped to their roles well. They seem to do it with ease and graciousness, and that’s the key. Talking about people that haven’t found it easy with the news of Meghan and Harry pulling out of their public duty roles to the press, that was a bit of a shock. I wasn’t that shocked because I feel at some point, she would probably want to move back to America, move home and be closer to her friends and family. How was she going to do that?

It’s happened a bit quickly. Neither you or I know the ins and outs of it. Harry, from a total outside perspective, looks like he struggles with being royal. He’s like his mother who was adored and he’s been adored as well. Maybe being with Meghan and the difficult time that the press has given her, she clearly wasn’t happy and that gave him that impetus to be like, “I’m done now.”

LLL Tara Royal | The Royal Family
The Royal Family: The Queen is extraordinary because she didn’t ask for her position yet she’s devoted and has done so much.


She’s probably made the call on this one. She’s probably said, “I can’t do this. I’ve given a shot. It’s too much for me. I want a normal life for my kid and for myself. What do you say?” He’s probably so in love with her that he’s going to say yes to anything she wants to make her happy.

It’s unfortunate with the way it’s been handled. Who knows? From day-to-day, all we do is we read in the press that the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William are all in discussions with Prince Harry as to what’s going to happen. There could be a completely different development with Harry and Meghan, and what their roles will be.

Ultimately, she probably doesn’t want to deal with all the public duty stuff and he’s probably not quite happy to step up.

She shouldn’t have married him then.

She probably did not know, but when you fall in love with someone, you fall in love with someone. He is probably thinking, “I’m no longer second in line now that Prince William had all these children.” He’s probably sixth or seventh in line to the throne. His status is diminished anyway for every child that is born by William and Kate. He’s probably looking at it like, “I’m not at the top of the totem pole anymore. It’s no big deal. I’ll do some philanthropy work.” I’m sure he’s got a great inheritance from his mother’s side.

What I’m trying to work out is that there is so much good work that William and Kate do. There was so much work that Harry was doing. If Harry and Meghan are going to pull themselves out of public life or as many duties as they can, who’s going to fill the gap to do all of that charity work that Meghan and Harry were supposed to be doing?

They’re not thinking about that either.

That’s what is going on. I’m not talking about what Harry and Meghan are thinking.

There’s always somebody to replace someone to do something.

There isn’t in this situation because Beatrice and Eugenie are not seeing it yet.

Do you think they’re being selfish?

It’s probably being worked out in a way that will suit all parties because it has to. I can’t imagine that they will walk away from everything.

It comes down to family first. He’s looking out for his family, which is Meghan and his child. Honestly, he should. Your family comes before anything else and he’s made the decision based on what makes him and his family happy. He was born into a family where he has duties and he probably looks at it like, “I’m 40 something and I’ve fulfilled my duties for decades and I’ve done my bit.” It’s not to say he’s not going to be philanthropic or charitable, but he’s probably going to do on his terms and go into the private sector.

I feel a bit sorry for the Queen because 2019 was not an easy year for her with all the shenanigans that went on with Prince Andrew. What’s happened with her grandson, who is sixth in line to the throne, it must be difficult for her. For a woman of her age to have worked as hard that she has to see chaos within the higher ranks of her family must be quite distressing.

This is one of the many obstacles she’s been through, the divorces of not just her sister but then of her own children. This is one of many chapters in her long life and her long book. Her whole attitude about being a monarch, head of the royal family and the sovereign, she’s parlaying that into Charles and into William and they will be fantastic. I forget about Harry after a while like you do with Princess Anne and Andrew. Imagine when you haven’t done that much over the last few years anyway, what we see in the press. Privately, it’s not to say he’s not going to contribute. Maybe he’s taking time out over the next few years to raise his family, and I respect that. Prince William and Kate are stepping in nicely, will take over that role, and teach their children the way forward.

Only time will tell and we’ll all see how this all pans out. Let’s go back to some of the other royals.

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Who is Princess Margaret when she was alive? The Crown portrays her as a big party girl who was quite sad and lonely.

I feel sorry for her as well. She was ahead of her time. Had she met Peter Townsend, that’d be no problem with her marrying him even though he was a divorcee. It wasn’t constitutionally right for her to go down the path that she wanted to, so she had a bit of a hard time of it.

She definitely had a big personality by the looks of it.

I love the way that she was portrayed in all three seasons of The Crown. I love Helena Bonham Carter.

Even the actress that played before Helena was fantastic as well. What do we think of Andrew’s, Edward’s and Anne’s?

I am a huge fan of Princess Anne. I went to have tea with her. I was with an artist who was performing at her estate at Gatcombe Park and we were invited to tea in a beautiful setting with her husband.

Is she what she seemed? She looks like a bit of a laugh.

She was down to earth and she served us herself. There was no one there waiting on us. It was normal. We had tea, no royal staff. We were told how to greet her. We were told to do a little courtesy and say, “Good afternoon, your Royal Highness.”

If I’m going for tea with the royals, I want the full pomp and circumstance. I want the royal staff with red suits. I want all of that if I’m going for tea. I don’t want her in the kitchen boiling the kettle. That’s boring.

She was delightful and then I said, “I’m terribly sorry, we have to leave now because we’ve got to go and do the show.” We probably had Digestives or something, which is a British biscuit. I enjoyed meeting her.

What do we think of Prince Philip? The Crown has exposed him in a way we’ve not seen before and some of the backstories. You got to learn Prince Philip from the series more than you have from any other press. He keeps himself to himself. I felt quite sorry for him at the beginning because it was all about everything but him. He had to stand on the sidelines and put up and shut up vibe.

It goes back to the Meghan, the Sarah Ferguson, and the Diana thing. He was royal, but I don’t think any of these people realize the task that they had ahead of them when they stepped into these marriages for love or otherwise and then found it tough. He was a Greek royalness. Princess Alice. We’ve learned so much. We’re not historians.

The Crown has educated me beyond any history class for the entire of my school system.

We say as it is. We’re not reading Wikipedia.

I’ve learned a lot from it. I don’t know if it’s true facts or elaborated and embellished for television, which I’m sure is. Victoria is another great TV show and that’s on Amazon Prime. I forget the young actress’s name that plays Victoria, which is fabulous. Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, comes out and he was inventive. He was apparently the first person to bring the toilet out from the outside and put it inside. Apparently, Buckingham Palace was the first resident to have an inside toilet. I learned that from the TV show. I could be spewing absolute nonsense and taking information from the show.

I didn’t watch that show, but I must. I might have to give a shout-out to Vanessa Kirby, who played Princess Margaret in seasons one and two of The Crown because she was excellent.

Prince Albert was quite ahead of his time and he was quite the inventor. He was definitely interested in modernizing England at that time.

I do love The Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens. That is opposite the Albert Hall.

LLL Tara Royal | The Royal Family
The Royal Family: You only appreciate the architecture in London when you go and visit. When you live there, you don’t notice at all.


He built though he commissioned the Royal Albert Hall, the V&A and all of these amazing buildings that you see in London. He did a lot for modernizing England, which was quite extraordinary.

It appears that whenever anyone plays the Queen, they win an award for it. Helen Mirren, The Queen, Oscars. Olivia Colman, The Crown, Golden Globe.

Imagine playing the role of the most famous person in the world. Everyone’s looking going, “That’s rubbish. That’s not how she talks. That’s not how she looks.” We know her like you don’t know anybody else from constantly being in your face for your entire life.

If you could be one of the royals, which royal would you be?

The Queen because you’re in charge, but that’d be quite exhausting. I got to go for top dog, lady boss, Lord of the manor, Lady of the manor.

I might say, Kate.

It’s tough when you’re not of the bloodline and you’re an extra.

She does get to wear good dresses and she’s done a great job.

That’s her. It doesn’t mean you’ll do a great job.

How about Princess Tara? Do you not think that has a good ring to it? Princess Tara or Duchess Tara.

Everyone calls me Lady Behr, Duchess Dani.

I have a friend who married into Italian aristocracy. There’s a lot of royalty in Italy but people don’t use their names.

Was she a Baroness or Viscountess?

She’s Princess Tracy. She’s Countess Tracy, but her real title is Princess Tracy from up north.

Tracy is not a princess’s name.

She’s never ever used her titles but if she wanted to be terribly grand, Tracy from up north should be Princess Tracy.

You can’t be going, “What’s your name, love?” “I’m Princess Tracy.” No one’s going to believe that for a minute. They’re going to be like, “Yes, right. Next.” She’s going to have to change that up.

She’s never used it so she’ll probably be cross with me for even telling anyone.

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I’m going to use it and I’m not even one.

How about Princess Danielle?

Lady Behr is good. That works for me. Throw a title here and there. I’m telling you it gets you good theater tickets when you need them. We’ve had enough about our role.

Thank you again, everybody. You’ll be reading more nonsense from Dani and I.

If you’ve never been to London or the UK for that matter, at some point, you must do a trip for all the historical value and to see all the palaces whether it’s Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and all the beautiful architectural buildings around London. The statues and memorials are something special.

Do a tour of Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London because it’s worth it.

You’ll see the Crown Jewels and even as Brits. When I get back and I take my kids, it is quite mind-blowing that the history, lineage, and everything that comes with it is something special that we have.

When I watch British led shows showing London or showing royalty, I get nostalgic. I feel proud to come from there and be British and that we have this heritage because you missed that here. It doesn’t have the history in the same way. I love the architecture in London. My mother said to me once, “If you look up in London, you see the most amazing architecture.” When I’m walking along the streets, when you look at the top of buildings, you can see amazing architecture and you don’t have that here.

You definitely noticed that once you go back and you visit, when you’re living in a city and you’re busy going from A to B, you’re not looking at all. When you do visit, you do appreciate it a lot more. That’s for sure. Thank you, everybody, for reading. This is Lady Behr and Princess Tara.

Marchioness Tara sounds quite good. It’s a bit lower down.

Where did you get that one from?

Nobody is. I’m not sure where it comes in the pecking order.

Marchioness is French.

We need to do our homework. We need to watch more episodes of The Crown. We may need to read some proper encyclopedias and history books so we don’t sound quite ignorant.

Let me know. It’s not at the forefront of my priority list at this point in my life. I’m trying to get the kids to graduate school. Work out the aristocratic hierarchy and let me know what’s what.

Let’s stick to Lady Behr and Lady Joseph.

We’re bringing a bit of royal to the City of Angels. We are in development to launch our webinar series and our masterclasses. We will be filling you in on all the information.

They won’t be on being royal because no one would buy them.

It’s all about the industry, how to get entertainment, how to succeed in the entertainment industry and all the bits and bobs in between. We’ll have more information on that coming soon. We’re excited to share that with you guys. Thank you once again for reading. We will check in with you guys soon.

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